Local News

Local newsThere is no need anymore to have printed runs of books under the bed. We can now order books one print-off at a time. Same with local news sheets. Say what you want about the paperless revolution (Which didn’t happen) and on-line consumption of news/knowledge. There is something about having something tactile in your hand, designed with care to carry a message, that can be passed on as an idea, a summation of a thought process committed to paper.

The internet is a great space for information gathering, projects, and all sorts of bells and whistles. But local news can sometimes be best served by delivery by hand. It uses up trees which is true. But like the car, it is not so much the thing itself that is the biggest problem, but how we use them, or abuse the privilege of finite fossil fuels. The problem with the internet is it is a data driven mess of everything.

To commit to the printed word should take more care than throwing something on to an email. We should be aware and careful of these issues as we are about what we write, as we should be of the resources we use to carry our message, whatever medium we choose.



Keelie 2021