Connections, Education, Learning

A process of Education Engagement and Reward

Activism like every thing else needs to become a process of education, engagement, reward The education we each need for the job in order to engage and the reward for our engagement. Unfortunately in the value system of sustainability the rewards are not instantaneous and the work or engagement is longer drawn out and will not burst upon us like a prize draw. The process is much more subtle than that and its rewards are of a more cathartic nature.

The rewards are about having a good life lived with integrity. And the rewards are mainly about being part of a movement for change. Working for the benefits of future generations that includes our children and our neighbours children and their children’s children. Offering them education engagement and reward in the sharing of the common good and finding pleasure in thought and common bonds that help to guide them through life.

Rewarding education is not about what you learn but more about how you learn. We need specially in this time to educate our kids for the world, not for some place in the future where they will be promised a job that does not exist if they fulfil tasks that have no relation to what they need in order to develop the imagination to find their way in the world. We are still educating our students for the dying embers of the industrial revolution as technical feudalism emerges from the sidelines. We should be preparing them for the world we have given them.