Architecture, History, Learning

Visual History

The health of both mind and body has for generations been negatively effected by the space we occupy, from the degradation of the air we breathe to the abandonment to decay and vandalism of the Cultural and Historic land and buildings around us, mainly in the exploitation for corporate profit.

There are disproportionate impacts to the ordinary person who relies on money earned to pay for the roof over their head in that the incarceration of debt imprisons them in the treadmill of Indentured Service without an option, as opposed to moving to the gentrified communities that they can’t afford.

So the Visual history of our communities is represented in architecture, horticulture and the connections we make between these and our memories, these are emotional and when we see the secondment and misuse of the schools we attended or the community centre we took our children to vandalised and abused we suffer emotionally through these connections between the “eyesore” and the “memory”, this is the point that any “idea” is accepted to stop the pain as “Ignorance is bliss” when it’s no longer a part of the visual landscape it can be removed from memory and our view of history.