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S.P.I.C.E. of life – Springburn Park Inspirational Climate Engineering

Climate Engineering is not about Engineering the Climate but changing our approach to living in it.

Our parks are places of inspiration, observation and ecological study. We are at a period in the clock of the world where open space becomes an important education space. It was with this in mind the inspiration of the SPICE project was formed, within the framework of the Mens Shed in Springburn Park Community Village and with the collaboration of Free Wheel North.

Sustainable parks inspirational climate engineering. Looking at the idea that every green space is a park even on roundabout the median running down the middle of the road. And every park is a classroom.

To engage people with self defence against Climate Change.To engage people with self defence against Poverty.To engage people with nourishment education agency and dignity that can be provided by these spaces.

Human powered solutions such as pedal powered water purification to stop the local pond being poisoned by stagnation, and sustainable transport solutions through solar powered rickshaws. Engineering Archimedes screws from from industrial waste.

Springburn mens shed has an extensively equipped workshop including for welding, woodwork, metal and wood turning and volunteers keen to teach and learn.

There are disproportionate impacts to the ordinary person who relies on money earned to pay for the roof over their head in that the incarceration of debt imprisons them in the treadmill of Indentured Service without an option, as opposed to moving to the gentrified communities that they can’t afford.

So the Visual history of our communities is represented in architecture, horticulture and the connections we make between these and our memories, these are emotional and when we see the secondment and misuse of the schools we attended or the community centre we took our children to vandalised and abused we suffer emotionally through these connections between the “eyesore” and the “memory”, this is the point that any “idea” is accepted to stop the pain as “Ignorance is bliss” when it’s no longer a part of the visual landscape it can be removed from memory and our view of history.