The consumer society, the education system and the service industry. No right to repair, built in obsolescence in sealed units and the throw away culture has rendered improvisation something you only do in a jazz quartet or a highbrow dance group. Or maybe something only the people who build fancy houses on television do. Improvisation is something that can not be measured or standardised in education so it is generally ignored or only used in minor activities. Improvisation is looked at as doing without, a cheaper alternative or having to make do.

But in truth improvisation is one of the highest arts. To improvise  there needs to be the knowledge that allows or drives the improvisation. Ask Miles Davis who practiced twenty four seven and was one of the greatest improvisors of our day. The lack of improvisation skills in much of society today is the direct result of impotency through the lack of practice. Or on the other hand is what drives the parents or single mother looking after a couple of kids to survive in dire times. But again that kind of improvisation is looked at as, making do, rather than intelligent use of what is available.

Improvisation is what makes the world go round and inspires hope. “If you are not part of he solution your part of the problem.” “Build a house with the bricks that are thrown at you.” “If opportunity doesn’t arrive build a door.” “Where others see problems we see opportunities.” Working with what we already know. Finding out what to do next. Coming up with more or better ideas, making mistakes and accepting failure is all about improvising with what you have. The more we know about how things connect and are related to each other the more we have to improvise with.

Most of politics is about improvisation. It is about improvising around all of the BS impoverished minds throw at you. It is to improve on what may be the unforeseen with what knowledge we happen to have at the given time. The more we know about critical connections and the wide variety of related subject matter the more improvisational we can be when understanding and educating others.