Life is full of little inconveniences that if unattended build and lead to major consequences. We do not live in a convenient world. That is the convenient fantasy that is destroying it.

Freedom itself is is made up of inconveniences, inconveniences that help to sustains life itself. The question facing us now is. Can we inconvenience ourselves enough to save planet life?

About - Our Aims

“To paraphrase Wendell Berry, we should understand our environmental problem is a kind of damage that has also been done to humans. In all likelihood there is no solution to environmental destruction that does not first require a healing of the damage done to the human community. And most of the damage done to the human world has been done through work, our jobs and the world of money.
Acknowledging such things about our destructive system requires honesty about what is all around us and an intellectual conscience. And asking ourselves. Who are we as people.?”Joe Bageant

Is a lead up project towards the COP26 meeting to be held in Glasgow on 12 November 2021. Climate change is one, if not the most important issue of our day. This important event is an opportunity for many things. What we will be concentrating on from now till November COP26 is how we can build a project that will work around the following:

What opportunities can this extravaganza offer ordinary people. With all of this knowledge coming to town how do we get that knowledge into our communities to help folk understand and articulate (to ordinary people not the converted) how climate change directly effects their day to day lives in a language and through ideas they can understand. Not only would this benefit the general citizen, but would also help to educate the information carriers on how to engage with the many people we will have to convince if we are to build a strong enough movement to change climate policy, or any other policy for that matter.

We are

The Common Good Awareness Project

A small group based in Glasgow. We attempt to support as best we can campaigns, groups and incipient projects with video coverage, technical, environmental, knowledge, the commons and  imaginative ideas.
Below are some of our project sites


Helping to open the source to resources that have been secreted and lost from view by the rentier, landlords and the state


The Social Energy Collective, is about making activism interesting, about meeting folk half way. About creating access and understanding. About helping to building a secure social base that people can work from.


To help provide freely accessible and comprehensive information•that will help to promote societal decision-making processes by enlightening and informing the public.


The art of living in the city. Over ten years of community campaigns and information

Radical Imagination

Understanding the whole system

Scottish Commons

The need to identify, restore and document Scotland's common Good Fund and get it back into the hands of the communities who own it


City Strolls YOU TUBE/CGAP is involved in supporting community projects Presently much of it is to do with setting up a video news comment group.