Changing The Mindset

Part of the disconnect in public life we speak about is described in  by Yanis Varoufakis, when he talks about. If you book a ticket on-line for the train you pay 75p that 75p goes to Train-line, which is owned by another 5 shell companies. Your 75p travels approximately 22 times between London and the isle of man and jersey and then Luxembourg before ending up with a company called KKR in the United States. Where it will merge into financial flows of other similar tiny payments in a technostructure that has nothing to do with the market place, which no state controls and yet is aided and abetted by state legislation that our members of parliament voted for without realising they are even doing it.

So Varoufakis goes on, “What kind of space is there for democracy in this kind of technostructure? A technostructure that has four manufacturing processes happening at once. One is a process of manufacturing prices, manufacturing desires, marketing and the paraphernalia of processes that instruct us as to what we actually like even before we like it. Thirdly a process that manufactures money.Then a process that manufactures consent, the media and so on.”

Money is conjured up from thin air in the black magic of economics by the same technostructure mentioned. Structures that those who built the don’t even know how they work. F.E. Banks sums up banks and the present economy. “Economics is involved with an understanding of the behaviour of mod­els – and many of these models have no relation to any state of nature that has ever existed on this planet, or any that is likely to exist between now and doomsday. The word that comes to my mind when confronted by these fantasies is fraud.”

These are the illusions and black magic of economics that caused 2008 financial crash when bankers brought the worlds economy to its knees. Then, what did we do. Fired up the old algorithms and started all over, doing exactly the same thing. The criminals that perpetually for years executed the crimes and their corporate fraudsters are richer now than they have ever been. Books have been written by the score detailing what the finance industry have been up to that shocks those who read them to the core. But all we really need to know about banks is that they are shafting us big time.

Changing the mindset

Many people in the the west in particular have slid into a mindset that there is nothing they can do. They need to go with the flow. That is the way the world is nowadays. It is a case of survival rather than change. If we take the example above the 75p booking fee. It is a fantasy, a joke, it is meaningless, something that is made up, a scam. But we pay it. Because it is only 75p. People all over the world pay it without question, along with all of the other small abstract sums that we pay without thinking. These are all fed into technostructure of computers, and amass billions in all kinds of currencies, a tiny fraction of the profits for nothing we pay out for every day and every hour. Before we even talk about the profits made on what we buy. The biggest banks in the world make %80 of their money not on services but on penalties.

What has this got to do with anything you might ask. Well we have a collective human capacity that is a million times better and faster than anything they have at google, it is even more intelligent.

Why are we not using it?

People wonder about the lack of interest in folk in what is happening in the world. Part of the problem is it all looks too big to deal with leaving them feeling helpless and inactive. Yet look at the effect of all of these 75ps in making billionaires rich. What about the human algorithm Think of how we could make a profound difference in the world if we all gave even something small and seemingly insignificant like the 75ps. I am not talking about money, but empathy, about time, about thought. Non of us can take it all on but we can play a small part. But we should never underestimate the power we have and the difference we can make. Our biggest obstacles to change is not apathy but understanding. Understanding where our power lies. But we do not change things only by knowing and understanding. We need to become vexatious characters and challenge even the small injustices we come across in our day to day.

There is no telling what could be achieved with the power of the human algorithm programmed for peace and prosperity.