The Whole City Catalogue


Part of the problem in facing these realities is baked into the life choices of both those with the ability to make those choices and those who can not. We are needing to look deeply into, not what we can have or get, but what we can give up. We will need to start finding pleasure in thought, rather than things. Using our own creative abilities to shape our lives around compromise and collaboration with each other.

These are hardship choices, they will be difficult, but could be cathartic and an escape from the damage that is being inflicted on the people and resources of the planet and how we are forced to live now. 
The real tragedy for ordinary people and those at the bottom of the food chain is. Life could be good. There is no reason for indentured slavery in this day and age that makes one man believe he has earned $202 billion while many starve. You don’t even have to know the ins and outs of it, only that something is very wrong and it needs to change.

The other tragedy is the most effective method of change is in the hands of the very people who need it most. Unfortunately most people spend most of their spare time, if they have any, after their daily toil on the things that encourage them to forget why their toiling is so arduous in the first place, rather than what we can or need do about it.

The destruction of our institutions of learning is another part of the process of keeping people ignorant about what is happening around them. It is no coincidence that libraries close and also the study of labour, socialism and working class history being whittled away in universities and is all the more reason that it needs to be remembered that it was through local institutions of social struggle that the subject of struggle was taught in the education system the first place. Unless we can rebuild these institutions in our communities things like science and the environment will become even more obscure to people.

We ask why cant activities around COP 26 be an asserted effort to penetrate local communities that are rarely reached with workshops that would educate both local people and the educators alike on ways and means of tackling climate around peoples experiences and in turn educate the educators in how to approach the public around these kind of issues.

It is a whole catalogue of events that relate to climate. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the ones we can do something about, Sometimes our efforts need to be a bit wider and overarching. Sometimes we need to stretch our imagination and think a bit deeper about things. But whatever path we try the important thing is we are trying and someplace along the road we will find the confidence to continue. Because the alternative is to unbearable to think about.