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The Social Energy Collective

The main thrust of the work of the creators of this website is in highlighting the critical connections, between activities, campaigns and organising that are not always obvious, can be ignored and underdeveloped in building the kind of solidarity we will need in transforming how we want to live.

Too much of the progressive work we do, when finished, ends up in filling cabinets, or is forgotten about. There is no reason that this work and the effort to produce it can’t become part of the community commons. The Common Good Awareness Project, for instance, doesn’t want to create more work for people but rather use the work that has already been done. A work plan for a project; a lease designed for small group letting premises, a project that worked in one area that you think could work in another.

Groups all over the place are reinvent the wheel, continuously going over the same ground. If we share the knowledge of what we have done or are working on we could use the time saved to open new avenues of development. These ideas are nothing new but few have the time to practice them which is all the more reason for a collective energy.

Also much of the volunteering work and ideas we employ can be inculcated, downgraded and sanitised by organisations, government initiatives exploited for commercial purposes and all else. If our work and efforts are carried out for the good of all, it should be recognised and recorded as such. As work towards the commons and the common good. Part of the work of the CGAP will be to create a database and to start to recognise and archive this valuable work as well as our cities and countries Common Good assets. The Commons needs to be built on trust and protected from privatisation and theft, so it is important that it is inclusive, open to scrutiny and independent.

The commons should also aim to serve those with least in the community and who are in need of these resources most. The best advice that can be had in the use of our commons is from those nearest the problem. We need a space where these exchanges can take place. And we have these assets and resources across the land if we take the interest in recognising this important community structure.