As a historian, I look at these expanding spaces of cross-racial solidarity with optimism, knowing that the Rainbow Coalition in Chicago was so successful because its participants refused to allow themselves to be divided. In a 1969 speech Fred Hampton declared, “We say you don’t fight racism with racism — we’re gonna fight racism with solidarity.” He and his allies knew that the forces against them were so powerful that only by working together would they even begin to achieve equality and justice.
Lauren Araiza

Solidarity is really a way of life. A way of life that is under constant attack, constant pressure, constant surveillance from those who see solidarity as the main threat to their interests. The Black Panthers which Fred Hampton was a member, were not as much of a threat to the state when they were marching in the street with guns. The real threat to the state was when the Panthers started serving community needs. When they started to understand there was a need for solidarity with poor whites as well as poor blacks. That kind of solidarity was in danger of damaging the racism that has sustained the capitalist economy of the US since its conception.

Solidarity is is an investment in the future, it is an inconvenience, a human act of being in the world. It is an indication of a value system that is in tune with human needs. Solidarity is what we do for each other in opposition to those who would do us harm.
Solidarity is the catalyst to vision through ideas that come from the collective thinking of the world we wish to shape, without it we only have a collection of unconnected and unrelated ideas that can be inculcated, reshaped and manipulated by those we oppose to maintain the status quo rather than change it.

Everything the powerful do to us, is to divide us, dissuade us and to destabilise us into believing we are weak. They are well aware of the danger of solidarity in any others hands but their own. We are at Marx’s juncture when he said “Money thereby directly and simultaneously becomes the real community, since it is the general substance of survival for all, and at the same time the social product of all.”

In a time of financial division, poverty, racism, social disorder, and the destruction of our planet and the many species living on it, solidarity needs to become the real community. That is its importance, that is its beauty and the antidote to the anomie and lack of hope that pervades many in our communities.