As the Common Good Fund is seen by Government Agencies
The Common Good Fund 1495
    •    What is the Common Good FundA whole collection of public owned assets of money, land, buildings and movable assets such as jewellery, paintings, furniture and even whole libraries. Think Kelvingrove Art Gallery, part of Glasgow's Common Good Fund   

•    Where is the Common Good FundThe funds assets can be found all over Scotland, in every town village and hamlet, inner city and major town.   

•    Who is in charge of the fund?It is the duty of the different councils around the country to be stewards of the fund and ensure it is used for the benefit of the citizenry who own it.   

•    What should it be used for?It can and has been used for many things, from street parties to major projects. That should again be decided by the communities the fund exists in.     
•    ConsultationThe fund could be used for proper community consultation, in presenting community experts that could work to represent the impact of major developments, such as housing and land uses in their area.      

•    How can we go about using it?First you have to find out from your local council what their fund consists of in your area, then take it from there. Don't be surprised if your representative doesn't know what it is. You may have to educate them. The Common Good Fund is also included in section 8 of the Community Empowerment Act 2015 on CG property       

Why should we be interested?

1.    Present and past generations have enjoyed the benefits of the Common Good Fund all of their lives. We need to ensure future generations also enjoy them.

2.    The common good is based on democratic principals. These kinds of institutions need to be preserved particularly in communities that have little else, as their agency becomes weaker without them. Even without the funds financial assets the network of connections around the country is priceless. 

 3.    Our libraries, museums and their contents would not be here if it wasn't for the people of Scotland buying and donating to our cultural archive which is what the Common Good Fund is. No one owns it yet everyone owns it. It is a mechanism for holding councils to account. 

 4.    Think of the parks and green space that are part of our Common Good, that have been built on, taken and sold to developers from under our children's feet.

5.    It needs to stop at a time when we need housing and green space our commons is being pillaged for profit, our ecology and wildlife corridors and flora and fauna erased as we head towards the peak of our sixth major and rapid extinction event in the earths history.  

6.    Finally if we do not care about our common good the only people who will benefit from them are the very trustees whose duty it is to protect them for the public.
Our assets are being disposed of for the benefits of administrations to cover their own incompetency. Proof? 60 people own 50% of Scotland  The common good offers collaboration and discourse out-side of sectarian and party political discourse and gives people something worth working for.
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Part of the campaign to identify, register and restore, Scotland's Common Good Fund for the benefit for those who own it.

Scotlands Common Good Fund

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