The Radical Imagination

To win we need to be ahead of the curve

We need strategies that invoke the radical imagination, That change the game, that change the language,  that change the scope of possibilities, that creates the dynamic and will pique the interests of divergent and creative groups of people.

We shouldn’t be looking for the blessing of politicians we should be looking to worry them into doing what we want them to do. We need tactics that will not only raise the hopes of activists but will raise the hopes of whole communities.

We need a multi pronged approach that can prod in every direction we can think of. We are not worrying them enough. The rules of he powerful are put in place to keep it so that they do not need to worry what the rest are up to. The rest, the majorities job is to ensure that the elite have more than plenty to worry about

We need to learn their language but only to subvert it into using it against them. If words can not express our meaning, use art, but not the art of the egotist, but that of the educator and informist. We need to take back the power of the language that has been subverted into catch phrases and pseudo PR empowerment projects. “Putting power into peoples hands” and such nonsense. Remembering power is not given, it is taken.

As the schoolroom Peanuts cartoon states. “No one is going to give you the education to overthrow them”. That education is place based learned, through deep based building work at the heart of the community tackling and finding solutions to the immediate, particular and pragmatic questions that effects those communities. We will not find it in think tank reports from government quangos one-size-fits-all spreadsheets solutions of what is called “representative democracy”

To invoke these energies in their most productive form we need to be fighting to win, to helping us move forward. Not sideways, for personal gain, to make us feel better, or because we think our ideas are better than everyone else's. But to be able to recognise winning strategies where ever they come from. To be able to stand back and let others come forward, as well as take the lead when needed. That is the essence of the radical imagination.